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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scooter update-

I brought it home last night after a very minor tune-up. The Guys at Quad & ATV didn't find anything definitively wrong with the scoot except for a fouled spark plug. They did adjust the valves and check out the electrical charging system, giving it a positive review. The consensus is that the pair of 35 watt headlight bulbs that I installed were drawing more power than the charging system could support and eventually the battery died as a result.

On the way home, the scoot ran beautifully. Before I got home, my right mirror bracket broke off the handlebar and left my mirror dangling... This is entirely my fault as I had the original mirror tab fail last summer and the new one that I made and welded wasn't welded very well. That became very clear when I took things apart last night. Son Noah has been busy welding on his Tracker this week and I hope he has corrected my lousy work already so I can put things back together tonight.

And I re-installed the 18 watt headlight bulbs!

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